Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ten Commandments for Writing

My Ten Commandments of Writing

A few days ago a writer from my publisher asked us to post our own commandments for writing, and to link to each other. Here are mine. Links to come.
11      Some days you’ll have writer’s block. Write anyway.
22     Some days you’ll find plot holes that set you back weeks’ worth of work. Write anyway.
33     Some days you will be inarticulate. Write anyway.
44    Every day you will be inadequate. Write anyway.
55    Some days you will be distracted. Write anyway.
66    Some days you will hate writing. Write anyway.
77    Some days you will be busy. Write anyway.
88    Some days you will be tired. Write anyway.
99    Some days you will be sick. Write anyway.
110   And every day, rest in God. Tell Him your worries and frustrations and hopes. Pray hard. Listen to Him. And then write anyway.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A New Beginning. . .

I’ve had several blogs, and have let each one go, with frustration, sadness, whatever. This time, I’m determined to keep it up, to post at least 3 times a week, to give value to anyone who chooses to follow or just visit. New Year’s resolution? A tad late.
A little about me. I’m a writer, first. Been so since I first realized that the books I loved were created by real people, and I could do the same. So—I was about eight when I knew I wanted to write stories. My first full book was “The Ghost of Scotland Yard.” I knew nothing of Scotland Yard (not even that it’s not in Scotland) and have always had a love/hate relationship, along with a belief/non-belief one, with the idea of ghosts. Don’t ask any more about that story, I don’t remember the details, other than that I illustrated it, as well. I was twelve. My teacher liked it.
Maybe that was also the beginning of my love affair with art and crafting—though I think that began long before that.
To the present. This blog. This time. No pressure (on me, of course). Three posts per week, no particular days. One on writing. One on craft, art, etc. One on my love for God. Might be more, no promises, no excuses.
Let the fun begin!